About Me

My personal Mission statement is: “Helping Others Succeed.” This is the space I have set aside to do what I can to help you achieve your goals, and live a more inspired, purposeful life.

More About Me:

A Florida native, based out of Boca Raton, married just over 10 years to my lovely Peruvian wife Carmen, and father to the coolest person I know, my son Dante.

Stuff I like:

Helping others make their dreams reality, cooking Asian and South American food, time with the family, cars (specifically high performance), reading books (sometimes textbooks, just for fun), and collecting classic video games. I apparently like to use parenthetical statements as well (like this).

Professional Stuff:

I work in the Organizational Development field, using behavioral science to improve systems, people, and processes, while effectively enacting change. Yeah, that sounds about right. Or as someone once said: “that’s like being a consultant, right?”

I also am a self employed Resume Writer and “Employment Services Consultant.” For more info, I can be reached through:

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jonathan-harrison-mba/9/758/118

Twitter: @JonDHarrison


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