My Harshest Critic

If you are like me, you may find that you can be your own harshest critic. Especially when you look at past situations where things did not go so well, or you say to yourself “wow, I really could have handled that one better.”

If not kept in check, this way of thinking can actually be very harmful. The inner voice that we all have is really tied closely to our attitude.

So what are some good ways to overcome this negativity?

I focus on doing all I can do with what I am doing that very moment.

When I focus on doing the very best that I can, I have (at least for the moment) forgotten and forgiven the past and dropped the fears of the future, that in itself is certainly a healthy (if not a miraculously healing) event.” – David Allen

What is best way for you to apply this right now?

You can make it happen, no matter what you are doing.


3 thoughts on “My Harshest Critic

  1. Jonathan, I struggle with this as well. I’ve beat myself down so many times it’s ridiculous.

    Another way I’ve found to combat these thoughts is to focus on the past achievements. I’m able to recall them to mind and show myself that I’m not a failure and one or two screw-ups isn’t the end of the world. It continues and I continue to succeed.

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