Introversion & Extraversion: What You Should Know

Let me start by saying that if you have never taken a personality assessment/test/inventory/whatever, I really encourage you take some time and do so. It is a really great way to get a better understanding of yourself.

There are many different assessments out there: MBTI, Birkman, Disc, Strengthsfinder, ProfilesXT, Enneagram, Omnia Target Profile, Boston Biometrics… really this list could go on all day.

Each assessment has a different purpose and approach, and I’m really not going to make any specific recommendations at this point. What I will say is that you can check out short/free versions on line that will get you in the right ballpark, even if they are not as accurate as the official versions.

So what are you? An Introvert or an Extravert? Let me first define what I mean:

  1. Introvert – I prefer to direct my energy and focus to ideas, reflections, and      thinking to myself. I also find that I have to clearly think about my ideas in my own head for a bit before I feel comfortable sharing them.
  1. Extravert  – I prefer to spend my energy and focus on people, things, and activities. I have to verbally work my way through my thoughts by talking out loud and sharing with others.

With all that being said, here is what this looks like in practice:

I am an introvert: I have to make sure I set aside time every day to get alone with my thoughts – for me, this means waking up at 5:30am-6am before anyone else is up. Thanks to inspiration from Michael Hyatt ( ), I have taken the time to examine and re-engineer my morning routine. I do the things that set me up for a successful day. This includes quiet time, a morning jog while listening to leadership and personal development podcasts, time spent journaling, and reading the bible. I value my mornings so much, and I feel that this time has contributed to a greater overall sense of well being. I just feel better in every way, and I am energized to take on the day!

If I miss a day of my routine, I feel it (and so do those around me). I know that being away from home and interacting all day with other people is draining for me, and to give my best to others, I have to be able to first take care of myself.

So in what ways to you make the most of your introversion/extroversion?


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